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A bit about us ...

We are two ambitious young women who share a passion for the arts. As a pair we are detail oriented, hard working and focused on growing the arts in the UK. We adore the grandeur of weddings and luxury events and revel in the process of making a clients vision a reality. Set aside the fact that we are both working professional dancers we are both very artistic individuals who share skills and experience in costume design, choreography, media design, art, make-up, film and photography. We are both dedicated coaches who work with a range of age groups, abilities and styles of dance. Alongside starting our business 'POISE. dance' it was important to us to use our platform to raise awareness in the arts about topics such as balance and wellbeing, and so came our blog 'In conversation with the arts'. We look forward to the new and exciting creative experiences that are yet to come!

Aims and Bella x 

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 Gallery & Testimonials.

Have a scroll through some of our recent work and have a read of some of our lovely clients reviews... 


Hellooooo...Co-Founding and Co-directing POISE. has genuinely been one the most rewarding experiences for me personally to date. I have recently completed a UK tour with Mergaliyev Classical Ballet performing both soloist and corps de ballet roles in beautiful theatres. I also perform regularly with Brecon Festival Ballet. I trained at various prestigious ballet and performing arts schools in the UK including the Royal Ballet school and most recently Tring Park School for the Performing Arts. I Have a love for the creative process as a whole and I love challenging myself with each project we work on. I am incredibly passionate about improving the arts in both Wales and the UK as a whole. 

Aims x  

Co-Director, Aimee Casey


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My passion for dance has always been the driving force in the decisions that alter my life the most. Growing up in a place quite isolated from the rest of the industry, the fact that I chose to dance as a career was a bold option. At 16 I started my vocational training at Kings International Ballet Academy, where I trained for 3 years. Since graduating I joined Brecon Festival Ballet as an apprentice, then went on perform a principal role in their production of The Nutcracker in December 2023. 

As well as performing, I have a huge passion for teaching and choreography. POISE. means that I can develop all my areas of work simultaneously. I see dance not just as a form of expression but as moving artwork that provokes the strongest of emotions, and that is why I feel it is the perfect entertainment. 




From beginning to end we strive to plan and provide a service that clearly communicates the clients vision and exceeds their expectation. POISE is insistent on ensuring that the client has a stress-free experience


As a company we value our employees, their safety and well-being are priorities of ours at all times. We aim to build strong relationships with our employees in order to improve the smooth running of our business. Offering opportunity to primarily young Welsh artists is incredibly important to us as we are passionate about being proactive in strengthening the arts in Wales. 


As a company we are conscious about the climate crisis and will be proactive in reducing our carbon footprint. Where necessary we offer Zoom(online) consultations for clients and discussions with suppliers as an alternative to in person meetings to keep our carbon footprint low in fuel consumptions

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